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What is a Tiny Rooms product? What’s a line of products? What kind of assets need to be designed for a product line? All of it answered in the tutorial below.

Designing Products for Tiny Rooms

A product line is a set of 10 products: 1 in each available category (also referred to as space). We have the following spaces available:

  • KTC Kitchens
  • BDR Bedrooms
  • BTH Bathrooms
  • LVR Living Rooms
  • DNR Dining Rooms
  • FRP Fireplaces
  • CLS Closets
  • BCK Backyards
  • DNS Dens
  • HMO Home Offices

A product line must have 8 assets designed per each of the above spaces – 80 assets total.

Each product should have the following assets submitted:

  1. An isometric file saved (pitch value: 30º, heading value: 45º) saved into PNG with 2400 px width and/or height.
  2. Resized isometric (800 x 600 px) saved into TinyPNG.
  3. Three zoom-in areas (800 x 600 px) for the gallery, taken from the large PNG and saved with a TinyJPG.
  4. Three hotspot areas (300 x 300 px) to show materials of the design (floor and other), saved with TinyPNG.

Each product has to be uploaded onto Koofr with the following name pattern. Let’s imagine your name is Bob Marley, and you’re about to upload a kitchen from your second contemporary line of products. In that case, those are the assets:

  • KTC_ISO_BM_02_Contemporary.png – uploaded separately
  • KTC_ISO_BM_02_Contemporary.png – resized and uploaded together with the other 6 assets into a folder named after your product line
  • KTC_ISO_BM_02_Contemporary_G1.jpg – gallery zoom-in shot #1
  • KTC_ISO_BM_02_Contemporary_G2.jpg – gallery zoom-in shot #2
  • KTC_ISO_BM_02_Contemporary_G3.jpg – gallery zoom-in shot #3
  • KTC_ISO_BM_02_Contemporary_H1.jpg – hotspot area #1
  • KTC_ISO_BM_02_Contemporary_H2.jpg – hotspot area #2
  • KTC_ISO_BM_02_Contemporary_H3.jpg – hotspot area #3

The first of the above assets is usually prepared in SketchUp Pro, but you may use another software, if you like. Then, the other 7 assets are prepared using the Photoshop action file that you can download here. Make sure you have Tiny PNG and Tiny JPG installed. After importing actions, modify Export in each of the 3 actions to point to your local folder that you will use to store prepared assets. Do the preparation in the following order:


  1. Choose Rectangular Marquee tool (M) and set it to 800 x 600 px fixed size
  2. Select an area for the product gallery
  3. Run the “ISO > Gallery” action, rename the output file by adding G1
  4. Undo (Ctrl+Z) and repeat step 2 and 3 twice, adding G2 and G3 to the output files
  5. Switch to Eliptical Marquee tool (Shift+M) and set it to 300 x 300 px fixed size
  6. Select floor material, but make sure no transparency (white area) is in the circle
  7. Run the “ISO > Hotspot” action, don’t close the new tab
  8. Switch to your isometric tab, select different material and run “ISO > Hotspot” again
  9. Do it again for the third hotspot of materials, and now rename the resulting files accordingly
  10. Now you can close all of the tabs without saving changes and upload everything on Koofr