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We know that Auxilary Dwelling Units sell homes. That makes it a huge investment and one of the most expensive improvements in a house. At TinyRooms, we want to make your experience of building the perfect ADU is as stress-free as possible with Design Plans that can be drawn to match any existing floor plan or new build.

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The motto of “Feel It First” brings you closer than ever before with the use of cutting-edge AR technology.

At TinyRooms, we’re making that dream a reality. We offer custom-designed that suit you best and structure the design as you like. Our team of architects and designers will ensure that you experience your new space. So, your chosen design will be put into augmented reality to see with your very own eyes your space before it’s built, in full 3D!

If you’re thinking about constructing or remodeling, don’t let yourself get bogged down in the details. With augmented reality, you can walk through the space you’ve always dreamed of, with you, making sure it matches what you had in mind. Sign up today and start your first 3D rendering experience now!

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When it comes to house design, you have a lot on your mind. There are so many options that it can be confusing. That is why TinyRooms wants to assist you in creating the space you’ve always desired. We’ll handle all the specifics, from the materials to the style, design, and everything in between, so you can sit back and rest while we take care of everything!


TinyRooms provides high-quality home design services at competitive prices. Our designers use cutting-edge technology to transform your living area, and we collaborate with you until you’re completely satisfied. It’s not just that we’re recognized as the “fastest way to design,” thanks to our augmented reality technology, which saves you time and money!


We’ve dedicated ourselves to excellence, and it shows in our work. We love creating beautiful spaces for our clients which makes us one of the most sought-after designers in the area. We believe that every project deserves our full attention- whats why we take the time to get things right.

65+ ADU Design Ideas

Not Sure What You Want? We Got You! See From 45+ different  ADU design ideas we did in the past or go custom with your own design team.

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ADU Design Secrets

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