Smart Home Plans

Automation Heaven

You live a busy life. Why not make things easier on yourself? You can do so by programming different parts of your life to happen automatically. Like having a your favorite coffee made for you while you’re still in bed. Automation used to be only available to the ultra wealth but in the past decade it has become way more accessible. Get this additional package to automate yourself straight to heaven. You’ll have trouble leaving home.


Lights can make or break a scene but who wants to run around the house every day to turn on the street lights or eve lights only to then run around turning them off. That’s where automation comes in.

Content Management

Welcome the days of content around your clock. You can choose from thousands of shows either locally or online.

Location Based

What if your home was smart enough to turn the lights on when you got home? What if it did it when you were away without you thinking about it? Too good to be true? Well it is now.

Voice Activiation

“Air conditioning on.” “Kuerig make me a 12 oz coffee.” Commands similar to this are available now and for less than you might expect to pay for these life changing results. You won’t be able to live without it once you do.

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