Made In.

Made In.

Immerse yourself in the meticulous craftsmanship and serene beauty of Japanese luxury products. Our curated collection from Japan offers a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, simplifying the pursuit of Zen-inspired living.

Choosing the Right Style

No one knows you like you do. No one can execute your vision without seeing it for themselves. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. It’s been done a 1000 times. TinyRooms cuts out 90% of the hassle whether it’s new construction or working on an existing area. We’ve got you covered from the backyard to the kitchen and everything in between. Choose the styles you love below. 

Latest Released

Boho Style

Lead Styles

Contemporary Style

Cold and warm textures mixed with sharp lines and floors that are ready to make your statement pieces the star of the show.

Traditional Style

Quant with a subtle touch of home and warmth traditional style provides a taste of Americana.

Transitional Style

Transitional combines the aesthetics of traditional style but incorporates the clean lines and minimalist appeal of contemporary.

Industrial style

Industrial offers the cold clean minimalist lines of mid-century modern but pushes things a step further with exposed ventalation and use of metals and other industrial materials.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavia is known for it’s minimalist style with a mix of clean lines but also incorporating white or gray washed wood keeping the palate neutral.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid- Century Modern or MCM characterized by it’s unique use of materials and shapes makes it a popular choice.

There’s plenty more where that came from.

Any Style. No Limits.

Everything in it’s place. That goes for design too. You have to go by the aesthetics that best fit the character of the home. Not sure what’s best for you? Set up a virtual consultation with our trained staff by clicking below or continue on to the next section to see other styles that might fit what you need.

“I love that I was able to choose what I wanted out of a catalog and just get the design plans that matched my home. It was almost too easy and having a roadmap to travel rather than chasing a dream that was difficult to share just made all the difference in getting our project done in less time and less headache.”

– Robert Henry

“I had been looking for months and just couldn’t settle on a design that I wanted. In fact I had gathered a great moodboard but it wasn’t simple to get a bid because there are still so many details to workout.”

– John Mathao


Rustic Style

There’s nothing greater than nature’s creations. Rustic is a small way to bring a little of that outdoors in.

Mediterranean Style

Popularized in Europe, bring home this little piece of heaven with beautiful arches, warmth, and style.

Farmhouse Style

Don’t make the mistake… this is no farm. This is living in luxury without feeling like you’re going to break something.

Eclectic style

Let your true colors show with these unique and playful experiences. Life’s too short for neutrals. Live the unexpected.

Craftsman Style

The look and feel of hand-made. Craftsman style comes from a time when people would make things from scratch.

Beach Style

We all at one time or another dreamed of living on the beach. Why dream? When you can make it your reality. Well.. at least feel that way.

Design Differently

One Room At A Time

There’s so many options that not having a clear direction is where everyone goes of rails. Cost, time, and hassles of having to get your point across, again, and again, is daunting. Not Anymore. 

Get your time back with TinyRooms. Start with our lighting fast search by clicking the button below.

Experience Like Never Before

We offer a product unlike most other firms offering you a mix of technology you can experience such as Augmented Reality which puts you in a place to feel it before you decide to build it.