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World. Wide.

Explore designs that incorporate products from different countries from around the world. Each line brings vendors to your finger tips so you can find companies that can help you create the design of your dreams. 

Curated Designs.

Interested in having a kitchen where everything is Italian? Looking for that authentic Japanese look? TinyRooms is your private shopper. Our curated lines connect you directly to the vendors so you don’t compromise on the look or feel of your next project. 

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From Spain

Made In….

Made In France

French-sourced materials elevate our designs, offering a touch of luxury and unparalleled quality across every style, from contemporary to traditional.

Made in Italy

Discover craftsmanship from Italy, where exceptional quality materials form the foundation of our diverse design styles, inviting exploration.

Made in Spain

Spanish vibrancy is captured in the quality of materials used in our designs, offering a palette for creativity and elegance.

Made in Switzerland

Swiss precision in materials and craftsmanship enhances our design collections, ensuring durability and elegance in every piece.

Made in Germany

German engineering brings unmatched quality to our designs, providing a solid base for innovation across all our stylistic offerings.

Made in United Kingdom

British materials blend tradition and innovation, infusing our range of designs with quality and character unique to the UK

There’s plenty more where that came from.

Any Style. No Limits.

Everything in it’s place. That goes for design too. You have to go by the aesthetics that best fit the character of the home. Not sure what’s best for you? Set up a virtual consultation with our trained staff by clicking below or continue on to the next section to see other styles that might fit what you need.

“I love that I was able to choose what I wanted out of a catalog and just get the design plans that matched my home. It was almost too easy and having a roadmap to travel rather than chasing a dream that was difficult to share just made all the difference in getting our project done in less time and less headache.”

– Robert Henry

“I had been looking for months and just couldn’t settle on a design that I wanted. In fact I had gathered a great moodboard but it wasn’t simple to get a bid because there are still so many details to workout.”

– John Mathao

Made In…

Made in Sweden

Swedish sustainability and design ethos inform the high-quality materials we use, complementing our commitment to timeless and functional designs.

Made in Japan

Japanese materials, known for their minimalist elegance, contribute to our designs’ purity and balance, enhancing every style.

Made in USA

American innovation and diverse traditions are reflected in the quality of materials sourced for our designs, enriching every style with a spirit of creativity and excellence.

Made in India

Materials sourced from India offer unmatched craftsmanship and beauty, enriching our designs with a touch of heritage and quality.

Made in Brazil

Brazil’s rich natural resources provide high-quality materials that bring warmth and authenticity to our diverse design styles.

Made in Denmark

Danish design principles of simplicity and functionality inspire our use of high-quality materials, elevating each of our 13 styles.

Design Differently

One Room At A Time

There’s so many options that not having a clear direction is where everyone goes of rails. Cost, time, and hassles of having to get your point across, again, and again, is daunting. Not Anymore. 

Get your time back with TinyRooms. Start with our lighting fast search by clicking the button below.

Experience Like Never Before

We offer a product unlike most other firms offering you a mix of technology you can experience such as Augmented Reality which puts you in a place to feel it before you decide to build it.