Your living room is the beating heart of your house. It is important that you have a space that gives you confidence in your home that’s why Tiny Rooms offer the proper ambiance to fit the expression, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” A room that will make you proud to be a homeowner.

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The motto of “Feel It First” brings you closer than ever before with the use of cutting-edge AR technology.

At TinyRooms, we’re making that dream a reality. We offer custom-designed kitchen that suit you best and structure the design as you like. Our team of architects and designers will ensure that you experience your new space. So, your chosen design will be put into augmented reality to see with your very own eyes your space before it’s built, in full 3D!

If you’re thinking about constructing or remodeling your kitchen, don’t let yourself get bogged down in the details. With augmented reality, you can walk through the space you’ve always dreamed of, with you, making sure it matches what you had in mind. Sign up today and start your first 3D rendering experience now!

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We know you have a lot on your mind when you’re remodeling your home. From choosing materials to choosing the design, there are so many decisions to make! that’s where Tiny Rooms come in. We help you make all those decisions so you can relax and enjoy the process of designing your dream space.

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Tiny Rooms provides high-quality home design services at a reasonable rate. Our designers use cutting-edge technology to transform your living area, and we collaborate with you until you are completely satisfied. It’s not just that we’re considered as the “fastest way to design” because of our augmented reality, which saves you time and money!


We’ve established ourselves as one of the area’s top designers. What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to excellence, passion for building gorgeous, functional environments, and commitment to completing every project on schedule. Every job, we feel, should be handled with caution, attention, and precision, which includes not only giving our clients a beautiful design but also finishing it on time.

65+ Living Room Design Ideas

Not Sure What You Want? We Got You! See From 65+ different living room design ideas we did in the past or go custom with your own design team.

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