Lighting Schemes

Lighting As An Art

Add this stage to any design project; Even if we didn’t do the original plans. See your space change with lighting schemes tuned to your day. Too many light switches? That’s exactly why you need to switch to one of our Lighting Schemes. A scheme is like an orchestra of specially placed lights to fill the gaps in the early morning and through out the day helping provide you natural balance through out the circadian cycle.   


Sleep Better

Sleep sounder knowing that you have an emergency lighting plan in place. A lighting scheme that considers the path you may need to take in case of an emergency.

Improve Mood

Deeper sleep has been proven to have a direct impact on your mood. Then a lighting plan that carries you through out the day can help you get more done. 


Increase Productivity

Having the right light scheme will help you flow through out the day with the right energy. If dentist and other professionals use specialized lighting… why don’t you?

Jump Start The Ambiance

If you’re looking to create a romantic, comfortable setting, then you’ll want to set the mood with an intimate set of lighting plans, which allow you to control the mood of the room, set the exact lighting, and turn off or dim the lights when they are not needed. 


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Tailored to You

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Don’t Be Affraid

Mix different styles to raise the ambiance and feel the mood change.