Home Theater Design

Low Voltage. High-End.

If you know anything about home theater installations then you know how difficult it could be. It’s literally in a field of it’s own often referred to as low-voltage. 

Power Up

Lights, Camera and Action in your own theater experience. Electrical planning around you.


Stay connected with friends and family through media design and interactive elements.



No one likes to see wires all over the place. Perfectly orchestrated cabinetry for all your devices.


Sound Off

If you don’t know about sound design then you should know that the placement of your furniture and the things on the walls all plays into it. 

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Need your detailed design plans first? Ok! Get started in the shop.

Tailored to You

Just choose the designs and they’ll be adjusted to fit your floor plan.

Easy As a Click

Combine your favorite models into your dream home.

Don’t Be Affraid

Mix different styles to raise the ambiance and feel the mood change.