Mediterranean FIREPLACE


Mediterranean FIREPLACE

Modern Mediterranean Fireplace

  • This room’s main focal point is the fireplace, with its monochrome settings.
  • This space has been given new life and continues to provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Custom plans can be created to suit your needs by incorporating these elements into your living space.
  • View your plans in augmented reality through your phone’s camera. Experience it before you build it.


Mediterranean Dream Fireplace

Looking for a sleek and contemporary fireplace design? Tiny Rooms is the perfect place to start your search. Fireplaces are available in a variety of shades to match your wood furnishings and create a stunning monochromatic effect. The black fireplace surround is sleek and adorned with a geometric pattern. The bookshelf next to it has similar designs, but with vertical and horizontal lines to accent the stylishness of the fireplace. The small decorative mirror on the mantelpiece reflects light upwards, adding to the cozy ambiance and creating a warm atmosphere. The light reflecting off of the mirror brightens up the room and makes it feel more welcoming.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Design Elements


Chilling Fridge

Here’s a paragraph about zoom-in element number one. Which is the fridge that has a body in it. Don’t worry, it’s chicken’s.

Tesla Stove

And here’s another paragraph about zoom-in elements number two.  And it’s about the all wonderful sink, where you can sink stuff.

Nuclear Oven

And lastly we got yet another element to wrap this up. Which is a super fancy upgrade of a regular oven – two ovens combo! That’s it.