Caleb Craftsman Dining-Room

  • An addition that makes the space warm and inviting, to an already beautiful place.
  • The main goal is to create a space that is both functional and visually appealing.
  • Design your dining room space by including these elements in your plans.
  • View your plans come to life through your phone’s camera. Experience it before you build it.


Craftsman Dream Dining Room

The dining room has a sleek, contemporary look with uncluttered spaces and a few accents and decorations. The colors are neutral, and the dining areas have white or pastel walls. The dining room furniture consists of light fixtures, simple lines, and upholstered chairs, with wooden or metal tables. This design style is all about clean lines, natural colors and elements, geometric patterns and designs, and continuous surfaces. The focus is on things like elegance, sophistication, and minimalism.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Design Elements


Neutral Flooring

Its natural materials, earthy tones, and rich textures, craftsman style neutral flooring adds a touch of traditional elegance to the space. Whether you choose hardwood, tile, or natural stone, craftsman style neutral flooring complements the dining room’s furniture and decor while providing durability and easy maintenance.

Kitchen Cabinet

With their sturdy construction, attention to detail, and emphasis on natural materials, craftsman style cabinets bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to your dining space. The cabinets often feature rich wood finishes, such as oak or cherry, adorned with decorative elements like raised panel doors, intricate hardware, and handcrafted details.

Wall Rack

Not only does the wall rack offer practical storage solutions, but it also serves as a captivating focal point for your dining area. It creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere, making your dining experiences more enjoyable.