Alexander Traditional Closet

  • Formal elements in a room, such as furniture, lighting, and art, are traditionally symmetrically balanced.
  • As you get ready in your closet, you feel happy, confident, and well.
  • If you want your rooms to feel better, try using traditional closets with purposeful storage.
  • The closet is designed with compartments to maximize storage.


Sheldon Traditional Closet

A traditional closet is the best way to store your clothes. It's like a Cadillac or Rolls Royce. No matter what your dream car is, a traditional closet offers the most storage capacity and allows you to move around freely while figuring out what to wear. With the right size and design, walk-in closets not only store your clothes, but they showcase them. There is plenty of wall space for hanging clothes, as well as for building shelving units to fold and stack items. Traditional closets can feature an island unit that serves as both a space to fold clothes and a dresser to store clothes. Some people will use a wall or a shelving unit to divide a space into two parts so that two people can share it.

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