Farmhouse CLOSET


Farmhouse Closet

Sawyer Farmhouse Closet

  • Designing closets today means creating a look that is clean, simple, and carefully selected.
  • Today’s closets are more spacious than many traditional closets, making them look neater and more organized.
  • Closets today come in many different shapes and sizes.
  • There is a shift in closet design towards storage solutions that are more space-efficient.


Farmhouse Dream Closet

There is a current trend in closet design of creating storage solutions that make the most efficient use of space. This means that closets are being designed to maximize storage capacity while still remaining within the confines of the overall space available. This space has a contemporary look with a color palette that brings out the best in your home's existing interior spaces. The walls and ceiling are light-colored, and the flooring is high-gloss and polished. This chic and stylish closet is designed to make the most of your space, whether you have a small apartment or condo. We can make your closet dreams come true at Contemporary Closets with its rows and rows of shelving, plus a few fold-down racks, providing ample room for clothing of all types. Here you will find stylish clothing and accessories neatly displayed. Sleek and chic furniture completes the look.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Design Elements


Chilling Fridge

Here’s a paragraph about zoom-in element number one. Which is the fridge that has a body in it. Don’t worry, it’s chicken’s.

Tesla Stove

And here’s another paragraph about zoom-in elements number two.  And it’s about the all wonderful sink, where you can sink stuff.

Nuclear Oven

And lastly we got yet another element to wrap this up. Which is a super fancy upgrade of a regular oven – two ovens combo! That’s it.