Industrial BATHROOM


Industrial Bathroom

Texas Industrial Bathroom

  • An exciting mix of rustic designs and pleasant designs can be found at the same spot.
  • Enjoy the fun, carefree atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re on vacation.
  • Add these elements to your bespoke plans tailored to your living space.
  • Take your tailored plans and experience them through your phone’s camera. See it, before you build it.


This artistic architectural theme is ideal for people interested in making their bathroom stay trendy, beautiful, and convenient. This style is inspired by the industrial era, which focuses on heavy-duty and rugged materials like copper, steel, and weathered wood. This classic bathroom style has a contemporary twist, making your bathroom Instagram-worthy with its rustic look and beautiful lights hanging by wires from the ceiling. This style makes your bathroom look like it's featured in a magazine.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Design Elements


Chilling Fridge

Here’s a paragraph about zoom-in element number one. Which is the fridge that has a body in it. Don’t worry, it’s chicken’s.

Tesla Stove

And here’s another paragraph about zoom-in elements number two.  And it’s about the all wonderful sink, where you can sink stuff.

Nuclear Oven

And lastly we got yet another element to wrap this up. Which is a super fancy upgrade of a regular oven – two ovens combo! That’s it.