Craftsman BATHROOM


Craftsman Bathroom

Ansel Craftsman Bathroom

  • A space that is sleek, stylish, and reflects a modern and forward-thinking design approach.
  • This is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and escape the everyday.
  • Tailor your bathroom space to your needs by adding these bespoke elements to your plans.
  • Your personalized plans are just a few clicks away – access them through your phone’s camera. Check them out before you start construction!


Craftsman Dream Bathroom

Bathrooms today are more than just a place to do your business. They are beautiful, serene retreats that can help you decompress from your daily routine. A space where you can be at peace is essential to your well-being. Your design is a refreshing and modern blend of flexibility, multi-functionality, and style. It features clean lines and layouts with pops of bold colors, as well as geometric patterns, flowing curves, and hard angles, which all add interest without being overpowering. The extra space in the bathroom has allowed us to create luxurious, custom-made vanities, storage towers, and mirrors that also double as artwork. If you are looking for a bathroom with a modern design, you have come to the right place!

Cutting-Edge Technology

Design Elements


Floating Sink

The floating design creates an open and spacious feel, while the craftsman-style details, such as carved wood or metal accents, add a sense of vintage charm.

Recessed Wall

It creates a sense of depth and dimension, allowing you to showcase decorative items or provide functional storage space. Whether you choose to incorporate recessed shelves, cabinets, or niches, craftsman style bathroom recessed walls offer a seamless integration with the overall design aesthetic.

Neutral Flooring

With its natural materials, earthy tones, and rich textures, this type of flooring adds a touch of vintage charm to your bathroom space.