Digital Murals

Kinetic Art Made-For-You 

Usually artists make are that speaks to you but you don’t have much input. What if you could be part of the process and walk away with a beautiful mural for your home of office? TinyRooms takes you away with these breathe taking AI generated art pieces. No two are alike.


WallPAper Murals

While your wall seem bare you can spice things up with one or more monitors to act as a backdrop for your entire day.

Improve Mood

When you see your art it, it should be like a reset, allowing to find your deeper inner voice. Work with our artists to set the mood.


Increase Productivity

When you’re able to clear your mind you’re able to get more done. Increase productivity is just one place you might benefit from these beautiful moments.

The Ambiance

Looking for something cool, something different? Well you’ve come to the right place. No one will ever have the same piece as you since they are all generated based on your input. Find out how you can start crafting your dream wall.


Need your detailed design plans first? Ok! Get started in the shop.

Tailored to You

Just choose the designs and they’ll be adjusted to fit your floor plan.

Easy as a click

Combine your favorite models into your dream home.

Don’t Be Affraid

Mix different styles to raise the ambiance and feel the mood change.