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Without a clear plan, home projects can lead to expensive errors. TinyRooms offers over 800 modular designs in 13 styles, tailored to any size home. Our plans provide a roadmap, helping you save time in finding many of the products you need and get more accurate bids from contractors.

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Craftsmanship Without Borders

Explore the world through design. Discover high-quality, globally sourced materials crafted into styles that speak to every taste. Your journey to unparalleled elegance starts here.


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Your AI Personal Shopper for Home Designs

Step into the future of home design with your own AI Personal Shopper. Tailored to understand and match your unique taste, our AI effortlessly guides you to your ideal modular home design, from cozy kitchens to expansive backyards. Just like a personal shopper, but for your home, our AI simplifies the search and brings your dream design to your fingertips. Start the dialogue today and experience home design made truly personal.

*Requires ChatGPT Plus Account or Higher.

Design Your Home In 3 Easy Steps


Step 1

Quickly choose from the gallery of architectural-grade designs and have us tailor them to your floorplan.


Step 2

Take our plans to contractors and other vendors to get accurate bids so you can properly set your budget.

Step 3

Execute your plan on your own or hire a TinyRooms expert to act as your representative with all your vendors.

Experience it before you build it.

Experience your model in 3D. Feel like it’s really there in Augmented Reality*

*Phones and Tablets with LiDAR required for AR features. Available for additional cost once finalized design is tailored to your floorplan.

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Ready to share it with your friends? Experience your dream home in the Metaverse (coming soon). The possibilities seem endless.

“I was fortunate to work with these guys on the remodeling of my home. They impressed me with the brilliance of their vision and experienced approach! I wondered if they’re ever going to put up a website. Now that it’s up, I’m so much impressed again. For one, seeing a model unravel before my eyes in the actual space of my home – that is so much fun. And smart move towards the future.”

– mark Beckett

“I was surfing the web looking for ways to combine interior design with augmented reality. Thankfully, found this. Thumbs up to what you are doing. Very cute spaces that make me wanna kinda dive right in. You’ve earned yourselves a fan. I’ll be getting one of these spaces for my metaverse construction project later this week.”

– jerry cole

TinyRooms INTO big foot prints

Models Made to Fit any size

These designs take all the best elements of every style and package them into easy to consume palates you can point and click to use on any room of any size. In some cases the designs might be too large for a space, therefore some elements such as an island in a kitchen may be omitted, whereas in the case of a galley kitchen we would design the cabinets on opposing sides. 

If you find that with 100+ models you don’t see what you like you can always have a consultation to let us know what you have in mind. Starting with the market place and knowing what we have to offer is always the best place to start for the fastest results.  

Short on time? Expedited services available upon request. Additional fees will apply. Contact us for more details.

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No other firm offers you this mix of technology. Everything from digital mood boards to experiencing it in Augmented Reality. Our motto is you can see it before you decide to build it. Don’t settle for dinosaur technology.